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Your Agreement

In purchasing this product from CultureTrails.net you agree:

  1. not to violate the copyright of any materials available on or through this website;
  2. not to copy the Trail products to any third parties for financial gain or to systematically undermine CultureTrails.net’s income from these products (although please enjoy the Trail with friends and family and recommend the product to others by all means!);
  3. not to publicise answers to Treasure Hunt questions (e.g., on social media) – nor to encourage/allow others to do so; this is to enable ongoing use of Trail questions;
  4. that your email address will be added to the email newsletter list – you will be sent a CultureTrails.net newsletter or email only occasionally, e.g., when new products or offers are released; and you will have the option of removing your contact details from this list at any time (See also GDPR and Privacy statements, below);
  5. that you accept responsibility for your personal safety and the personal safety of of those whom you supervise while undertaking any Trail obtained from CultureTrails.net;
  6. that you accept liability for your actions, including any injury, loss or damage sustained while undertaking any Trail obtained from CultureTrails.net;
  7. that once a purchased Trail has been successfully downloaded from from the CultureTrails.net website (or otherwise provided) it will be deemed ‘delivered and available for enjoyment’ and no returns/associated refund claims will be accepted by CultureTrails.net;
  8. A prize may only be awarded with respect to a purchased Trail product and to the purchaser of that product: no prizes will be awarded with respect to Review Copies of Trails that are provided Free of Charge.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected by the above.

Once you have purchased the Trail you will be sent a link to download the Trail Information Pack – you will be able to download this twice only – make sure that on at least one of these downloads you either print the document off or save it to your computer, tablet, or other appropriate device.


It is CultureTrails.net policy to strive to comply fully with the GDPR. If you have any requests regarding your data then please contact CultureTrails.net with details.

Privacy and Cookies

It is CultureTrails.net’s policy not to introduce nor allow the use of cookies except as included in the software that allows this website to function in its essential capacity.

CultureTrails.net might in the future make a very small commission on any purchases you make through its affiliate relationship with Amazon – i.e., when you click through a link for a cultural resource such as a book, which then directs you to Amazon to purchase an item – this is likely to involve the use of a cookie to record the fact that you were directed via CultureTrails.net.

Except in the above circumstances, your data will never be knowingly shared with a 3rd party unless you explicitly agree (e.g., when agreeing to have your Treasure Hunt Score published on the CultureTrails.net website).

Email Newsletter

When you place an order for a purchased or free trail from CultureTrails.net your contact details will be added to the distribution list for email communications relating to that product and to keep you up to date with future product offerings. These email newsletters will not be frequent and you will be able to opt-out and have your data removed from this distribution list at any time.

Aside from linking your contact details in MailChimp.com – the widely used email-sending service that is used to send CultureTrails.net newsletters – your details will not be shared with any third party;

Financial/Bank Data

CultureTrails.net does not see or store your your debit/credit card numbers – all purchase transactions conducted using bank cards are processed by secure 3rd-party payment gateways (Paypal or Stripe) through their websites and systems (when you checkout as part of their payment process they may offer you the opportunity to let them store your information). If you choose to make a payment by bank transfer to the bank account used by CultureTrails.net then your bank account number will be recorded on bank statements. This data will not be used for any purposes other than to verify payment for products has been received and/or to facilitate a refund should one be deemed necessary.