East Dartmoor Christmas 2018 & New Year Trail



The Dartmoor Christmas & New Year Trail is a combined Culture Trail and challenging Treasure Hunt around the Eastern Fringes of Dartmoor National Park. Unlike traditional treasure hunts that last for just a few hours, this Trail is designed to give a great many hours of pleasure: a downloadable Trail Information Pack (a 10 MB PDF document) provides comprehensive directions, including: a main Vehicle Treasure Hunt with a Prize available; 4 Supplementary Walks and a Youngsters’ Challenge (answers for these available online) – all adding up to a total of 105 Treasure Hunt questions!

The Trail requires an actual visit to Dartmoor between 1st Dec 2018 and 31st January 2019 ). Also required are: a vehicle for driving between locations (unless you want to walk/cycle extended distances); the use of a printer prior to starting the trail (unless you are happy to keep the Trail Information Pack document, which includes Trail Directions and Treasure Hunt Questions, on a Smartphone, Tablet or similar device); internet access to download materials (internet access is not required when navigating the trail, though it is useful for tackling questions from the Trail afterwards). The Prize Treasure Hunt should be completed between 1st Dec 2018 and 31st January 2019 for a chance to win the Prize – the walks can be enjoyed all year round! See the Trail page for full details. NB – the routes and a minority of the questions are the same as previous Dartmoor Trails – see here for details.

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Dartmoor Christmas & New Year Trail 2018

See the Trail Page for full details of this product.

Please note: 

  1. private motor transport (such as a car) is recommended for getting between the locations included in the MAIN TRAIL and for getting to/from the Optional Walks. If you wish to enjoy this trail over an extended period by walking or cycling the Main Trail rather than using a car you may need to work out your own re-routing as it cannot be guaranteed that the recommended route followed by the Main Trail will be suitable for walking or cycling in its entirety;
  2. internet access will be needed to enjoy the full range of challenges included in this trail – this does not mean that you will need internet access while out on the trail itself, but it will be required when you head back to your base (whether your home or holiday accommodation) if you wish to follow-up and solve all the clues encountered on the trail.
  3. the product is a 10 MB PDF file; the use of a printer is recommended prior to starting the trail to print out your Trail Information Pack, which includes navigation instructions, trail clues, etc.; alternatively, store the downloaded document on your smartphone, tablet or other device for reading directions and questions while on the trail;
  4. Answers for the Prize Treasure Hunt must be submitted by the end of January 2019;
  5. NB – the routes and a minority of the questions are the same as previous Dartmoor Trails – see here for details.


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