Dartmoor Prize Challenge

Prize Challenge

The Prize Identification Challenge is a bit of fun that is open-to-all. There isn’t necessarily a prize for solving the Prize Challenge Trail (EDIT: see below!) aside from the implicit pleasure of solving weekly brain-teasing questions that lead (after a few weeks of puzzling!) to identification of the prize to be awarded for the Dartmoor ‘Eastern Fringes’ Treasure Hunt. That’s right, if you solve the Prize Challenge you will perhaps only discover what the prize is for the Dartmoor East Trail – to have a chance of actually winning that prize you will have to participate in the actual Trail (the questions on the Dartmoor East Trail aren’t generally as difficult as the questions you will find here in the Prize Challenge Trail!).

This is how the Prize Challenge works:

  • the first weekly puzzle (below) will reveal the Start Point for this challenge – the answer will be in the form of a 1Km square Ordnance Survey map square;
  • each week (from week-beginning 13th August 2018 and on through September and October), a new instalment of the Prize Challenge puzzle trail will be revealed on the Culture Trails.net website;
  • each weekly puzzle, when answered, will reveal a step along the Prize Challenge Trail – initially in terms of movement North, East, South and/or West, along with a distance to travel (what you might call a vector if you have a technical mind!) – in other words, it will move you to another 1Km x 1Km OS Map Square (or a location within that square). At some point the Trail will depart these shores and beyond the confines of the OS Grid!;
  • the final week will lead you not just to an End Point/location, but will offer a further puzzle to reveal the Dartmoor ‘Eastern Fringes’ Trail Prize.

That is it: The CultureTrails.net Prize Challenge is a simple(!) bit of FREE fun that is open-to-all. Read on if you want to participate…

Prize Challenge Start Point

Move, like a 19th century Ulysses generally did at first (perhaps to find his sea-legs?!), from the Dartmoor ‘Eastern Fringes’ Trail Start Point to find the Prize Challenge Start Point square …

Input the 4-digit OS Grid square number here to see if you got it right!

First Weekly Clue

w/b 13th August 2018: Beginning in the Start Point OS grid square (see above), if you were to follow the peninsular’s best known path you would, before too long, be able to spy some needy folk moving to music. What steps did you take (in OS Grid terms) to get there? – back to the start and try the same moves after going 25% widdershins! That square (with the doubly-angry location!) is your rest place – until next week …

Further Weekly Clues

Further weekly clues (from week-beginning 20th August 2018) will be issues as Blog Posts – come back regularly to check the Blog Page – or sign up to receive these posts automatically by email (see the sidebar – scroll down if you are on a mobile device).

Prize Update!

UPDATE: if enough likes and shares are clocked up (on facebook) then a modest prize will be awarded forĀ  solving the final step of this Puzzle Trail (just one winner: tie-break will apply) – so get active sharing this page and liking and sharing the CultureTrails.net facebook page! If enough shares and likes are clocked up to allow a modest prize for this puzzle trail then a blog post will announce this.

Prize Update 2!

There will be a prize for solving this trail! (by 30th November 2018): the first winner will receive the Dartmoor Christmas & New Year 2018 Trail!!!