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Christmas 2018 Dartmoor Trail Coming Soon!


The last week of November will see the 2018 Dartmoor (Eastern Fringes) Christmas and New Year Trail launched. If you live on or near Dartmoor – or will be visiting during December 2018 or January 2019 – this is the perfect festive period experience: a challenging car treasure trail, tidbits of local cultural/historical information, reading suggestions, and some fantastic walks to be enjoyed! Some (though not all) of the questions may need a little work – but what why not spend a little time in front of a roaring winter fire (at home or in a cosy pub) ruminating about the lovely Dartmoor countryside?!

The questions and informational tidbits in the Trail are different from those in the Dartmoor Summer/Autumn trail (this new Trail having a Christmas flavour!), and there is a supplementary Children’s Challenge Sheet to give any youngsters something to chew over!

Come back here towards the end of November (or sign up to receive blog posts/newsletters) for more details and to purchase the Trail for £4.99! A perfect Christmas gift for friends with inquisitive minds and a love of Dartmoor!

Win this Trail! – it is now the prize on the FREE Prize Challenge Puzzle Trail!

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